Localization of Minervois

The Minervois is one of the largest wine-producing areas in Languedoc Roussillon. Of nearly 15 000 hectares of vines, of which 5 000 are destined for the production of AOC wines, the broad palette of vins de table, vins de pays and wines from single grape varieties is completed by three distinct AOCS : the AOC Minervois, the AOC Minervois – La Livinière and the Muscat de Saint Jean de Minervois.

 The Minervois appellation is divided in 5 different zones : the balconies of the Aude, the Causse, the Mourels, the Petit Causse and the Terrasses.
We are in the Causse.

Zone : Le Causse


This winegrowing zone is notable for its altitude, which ranges from 200m to nearly 500m. This results in the lowest night-time temperatures in the Minervois, and a slower thermal reheating in the spring. This zone’s semi-mountainous climate is also characterised by heavier and more regular rainfall than in the Minervois overall.


Geology of Minervois

The other important feature of this zone is the dominance of limestone soils, which can lead to a very stony surface. Whether the stone is hard or soft, the whiteness it lends the ground allows for indirect reheating of the plants and the grapes through radiation.

Due to its altitude, this is among the latest of the Minervois zones to be harvested, and is characterised by a slow maturation. Out of the wines, which are often livelier than in the other zones, the aromatic range is marked by its freshness, and its mouth finish by tannins that can take two to three years to be softened.